Beauty Smoothie

Beauty Smoothie with He Shou Wu

Hey babes,

I've been whipping up so many different smoothies for the past 5 years so I'd say I'm somewhat of a smoothie connoisseur. I've tried all types of mylks, juices even waters to get the perfect base. I've obsessed over frozen fruit to liquid ratios to get that awesome ice cream like consistency. I've also played around with proteins and supplements to create filling and beneficial smoothies that are actually enjoyable.

My new favorite smoothie to make I've dubbed the "Beauty Smoothie". I call it the beauty smoothie because first of all it's such a beautiful pink color, but also because it has He Shou Wu in it. I'll get into details about this supplement later, but it's kind of a biotin, only WAY better. For those of you that don't know what biotin is, it's taken for your hair, skin and nails aka beauty. 

I heard about He Shou Wu while doing my research on the brand Sun Potion. Which I heard about through Jeannette aka Shut the Kale up. I was in the market for a new biotin supplement and when I found this one it seemed perfect. It claims to help promote collagen, stop premature grays, that alone sold memon this product, but I dug deeper and four out that He Shou Wu is a Superior Blood and Longevity Tonic. As claimed on the sun potion website it has a history of use as a longevity, anti-aging, blood-building, beauty, & rejuvenation food. Regular consumption of this herb may do the following:
  • tonify and nourish the blood, hair, skin, nervous system, sexual center, shen (Spirit), and Jing (primary essence/life force)may help reduce cholesterol
  • a tonic for the endocrine glands
  • may help improve stamina 
  • good for resistance to cold
  • promotes red blood cells
  • enhances immune function
  • increases antioxidant activity 

Yes, Yes and Yes I'm all about all of those things who wouldn't be?? 

Once it came in I wanted to start experimenting with it and what better way to do that then whipping up a smoothie aka the Beauty Smoothie. I choose raspberries for this smoothie bc they have so many health benefited including Healthy Tissues and Blood Vessels: Raspberries are full of Vitamin C which helps repair skin tissues and aids in cell regeneration of the skin, bones, ligaments and blood vessels. They also help  aid in weight loss, Raspberry is low in fat and high in fiber, so they’ll fill you up without weighing you down with extra calories. They’re also full of water and potassium which will stave off dehydration and all the unpleasant side-effects that accompany it. 

I chose to use bananas in this smoothie too because not only do they give that perfect creamy consistency, but Bananas Contain Powerful Antioxidants which is perfect for any beauty regimen. 

Golden Milk Energy Balls

Hey babes,

As you all know I've been going strong on this food lifestyle change I made at the beginning of the new year. With my new clean eating I've been trying tons of new foods and beverages some I like some I don't, BUT golden milk is prob one thing that I really love. Especially because the Gaia herb golden milk mixture makes it so convenient (no this isn't sponsored I just really love this stuff). I love it so much that I knew their had to be other ways I could use I like a truffle of some sorts. Now for those of you that don't know I used to own a cake truffle company so I pretty much want to turn anything I find delicious into a cake truffle that's where I came up with the idea of golden milk energy balls. I did my homework and apparently I wasn't the first to think of this idea Arman from the blog "The Big Mans World" came up with an awesome recipe and I just modified it to use Gaia herb golden milk mixture and to make it raw too. (Gaia Herb Golden Milk can be found here)

 A lot of people asked me on my Instagram post (@fashionstylefoodie , yes that was a shameless plug go follow me!), if these golden milk balls actually do give you "energy". Not in the artificial energy sense. Meaning that they're not going to hype you up like an energy drink, but in the natural sense it does give you energy. They keep you full and focused when you need to be. I find that 1 or 2 will do it, but their so yummy I find myself going for a third.

If you want to know all the amazing benefits of golden milk you can check out that post here.

Add in wet ingredients
Mix dough with your hands
Roll dough into mini cake balls
Add in toppings
Toss in toppings
Cake Ball perfection :-)
Now for the precise recipe aka my take on golden milk energy balls

* 1 3/4 cups gluten-free oat flour
* 1/4 cup coconut flour (can sub for almond or extra oat flour)
* 2 T granulated sweetener of choice (I used organic coconut sugar)
* 1 Tbls of Gaia herb golden milk mixture
* 1/4 cup refined coconut oil
* 1 tsp pure vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste
* 1/4 cup cashew butter (can substituted for any nut butter)
* 1/4 cup pure maple syrup
* 1 Tbls milk - your choice, I used cashew.
* Extra coconut sugar and golden milk mixture, to roll bites in


1. In a large mixing bowl, combine the flour, sweetener, golden milk mixture and mix well.
2. In another bowl mix your vanilla extract. Pour your wet mixture and coconut oil to the dry mixture and mix well. Depending on consistency, either add dairy free milk of choice or extra flour until a firm texture is formed.
3. Using your hands, form into small bite sized balls. Roll balls in optional granulated sweetener/golden milk mixture and place on a baking tray or plate. Refrigerate for at least 10 minutes to firm up.

Using social media in your 50’s +

An open letter to my Mom & Dad

It’s fine as a millennial I get it. You don’t want to be left out, or wait you did want to be left out for years until now when you finally realized that computers weren’t going anywhere. I think it’s great that you want to get on, “The Facebook”, but it’s just called, “Facebook”, not, “The Facebook”, there’s no, “The”, just, “Facebook”, one word, great glad we had that chat. Now as for posting on Facebook, your personal status is for you to share articles or life moments, not to have a conversation. This one's for you Dad, when you write “HEY BOB HOW'S LIFE GOING?”, you just posted that to your own Facebook wall, not Bob’s. Bob will probably never see that, because we didn’t go over tagging yet. Oh and while we’re at it, status are not meant for you to have a public conversation, so please don’t write personal messages on your Facebook status. Not everyone needs a documented timeline of our personal lives. They also don't need a chronological story about your daily life activities, so if you have something personal to write, use the messenger app at least I know that I would, as well as the rest of your Facebook friends, appreciate it.

When writing on people’s photos, I don’t even know how to put this nicely, FILTER YOURSELF PLEASE! You don’t have to call them how you see them. Yes Mom, she looks drunk in the photo, no you don’t have to tell her I’m sure she’s aware. Yeah Dad, people don’t get married sometimes, it is 2017. Come to think of it we don’t do much of anything :: hints:: how I had the time to write this entertaining blog post. No Mom she's not 21, that would be why her page is private and probably why your friend request was pending for 21+ days.

Lets move on to your Facebook feed. I get that people's posts are sometimes ridiculous. I know you don’t want to unfollowed them because you don’t want them to think you’re being rude. That’s why Facebook invented this magical feature called the, “hide from timeline”, button. It’s this awesome function that you can click. This way you don’t need to hear that persons annoying comments 24/7. The best part is that in return, I don’t get to hear you complain to me 24/7 about how ignorant they are. See it’s really a win, win. so hit the damn button. You know what, I’ll show you how to do it later.

Acronyms aka short hand writing. Now this one you do get Mom, BUT what you don’t get is you can’t just create your own language. We millennials are quite crafty and yes, have created basically our own language. This probably came about because we're lazy, but mostly because we didn't want you to understand what we were saying to one another. The point is that these acronyms are universal, so when I say IDK (I don’t know) or NVM (never mind) everyone in my generation and the generation before mine pretty munch knows exactly what I’m saying. Here's where it gets you confused. You think you can make up your own words, but you can’t just create your own language. I know you don’t understand why you can’t make up your own words since we basically did, but it just doesn’t work that way so please please PLEASE stop!

Lets chat Hashtags. You know what lets not, just don't use them #NoHashtag

After all is said and done, I truly enjoy you being on Facebook. Mostly because I find it hysterical when your posts pop up on my feed. So you know what, just ignore everything I just told you and don't let anyone tell you you're not technology savvy and if they do, just tell them you're on "The Facebook".

Golden Milk aka The Magical Mylk

Golden Milk aka The Magical Mylk

My quick and easy version

Hey babes,

It's been a minute and I'm sorry, but I'm back and I have a delicious and magical treat for you called Golden Milk. This drink has been going around blogs and Instagram for awhile. The first time I heard of golden milk was over a year ago. Not only did it sound delicious the benefits seemed to good to be true. A beverage that aids in digestion, fights cancer and detoxifies your body among many other wonderful benefits seriously intrigued me. especially when it says it fights against alzheimer's disease. Since that runs in my family and theirs no known cure so if drinking this golden drink can help I'm prevent it I'm done to give it a try!  

Let's get to the basics, golden milk can be made by mixing various spices together, but it's quite tricky if you don't know exactly what to use. For instance, adding black pepper to the spices will make the turmeric 1000% more absorbent. If you're not sure what to put into your golden milk mixture then I recommend giving a pre mixed package a try. The only one I've tried is Gaia Herb and all the ingredients are clean theirs nothing in it that's a chemical or preservative. I picked mine up over the weekend at Whole Foods it was on sale for $13.99 and when I went back today it was completely sold out! I recommend checking your local Whole Foods and if you can't find it there, you can find it here 

How to make it, well if your going to go the from scratch route you'll have to find out exactly what to put inside of your milk just putting turmeric and spices isn't going to give you all of the benefits. Their are awesome from scratch recipes out their just make sure you're following a correct one. If you're going to use the Gaia herb then warm up a a plant based milk. I prefer coconut milk over almond milk (since almonds are not the best for you, but that's a completely different post).

Once your milk is simmering add in a teaspoon of your golden milk mixture stir it until it's completely combined then pour it into your mug and enjoy! It's that simple.

I recommend having this drink once a week. If your taking it for inflamed muscles or for a pre existing condition, try sipping on this twice a week. Leave me a πŸ’› emoji on my golden milk Instagram photo so I know you were here!  

Just a few of the awesome benefits:
  • Better digestion
  • Happier muscles
  • A shield against colds and flu
  • Weight-loss support
  • A boost in good cholesterol 
  • Detoxifies your body
  • Boots immunity
  • Makes skin GLOW
  • Helps with sleep
  • Reduces cramping-buh bye aunt flow
  • Protect against liver damage
  • Suppress symptoms associated with type 2 diabetes 
  • Helps fight depression 

Banana Nut Breakfast Cake

Banana Nut Breakfast Cake

GF and DF, V & NF options

Good Morning my loves :-)

I'm sharing with you today one of my favorite breakfast recipes ever. If you haven't already guessed from the title it's a banana nut breakfast cake! This breakfast cake can easily  be turned into a GF, V, DF & NF option all you have to do is use the substitute options I give.

First off go ahead an pre heat your oven to 350F Then go grab a:
Wooden spoon
Measuring cup
Measuring spoons

Now that you grabbed all of that lets get baking! Below are the wet ingredient:
•4 very ripe banana's
•2TBLS of flax seed meal (ground flax seeds)
•1/3 cup of goats milk or for a vegan option use any plant based milk ***Fun fact goats milk is technically dairy free!***
•1/3 cup of melted coconut oil
•2 TBLS of pure maple syrup - save the Aunt Jemima for another time I'm talking about the grade A stuff that Queen B puts in her cayenne-lemonade drink πŸΉπŸ‹
•2TSP of pure vanilla extract

Mix all of the wet ingredients into your bowl then we can move on to the dry ingredients: (add all this into the same bowl no need to separate them, I'm always down for an easy clean up).

•1/4 and 2 TBLS of coconut sugar aka palm sugar
•1/2 cup rolled oats. For GF use GF rolled oats
•1 TSP of baking soda
•1/2 TSP of baking powder
•1/2 TSP of sea salt
•1 1/2 cup of brown rice flour

Okay so for a none nut free option I added in 1/2 a cup of chopped walnuts, but for a NF option you can use dairy free & nut free chocolate chips or you can add in both who's watching? πŸ‘€

Spray your pan with coconut oil  and evenly pour in your batter. Bake for 45mins then apply aluminum foil to the top and finish cooking for another 10mins or until done to your liking.

Now the best part of vegan and dairy free baking.. licking the bowl and spoon without hearing anyone say "your ganna get a belly ache" or my favorite "you know,  raw eggs are bad for you" NOT TODAY GUYS NOT TODAY you enjoy licking that bowl clean, every last drop! πŸ˜…

Get your Fo-cation on!

Hello my loves, how's your winter treating you? I know I for one wish I could jet out to the Bahamas for a few days to escape this winter weather. The worst part is everyone I know is jetting off to Hawaii or Punta Cana even Bora Bora to holiday while I'm stuck in NY freezing my you know what off. 

Are you in the same boat? If you answered YES! Then I have the perfect remedy for you and I call it a fo-cation.   Here are a few things you can use to pamper yourself to give you that, "I went on vacation glow".

πŸ’–Hydrate your under eyes. This is a quick and easy way to make you look and feel more awake! Apply any eye patch, my favorite are gel eye patches, and leave them on the the recommended time. 
πŸ’–Pamper your paws! Fist exfoliate them, I really enjoy sea salt by lush cosmetics. Once you've done that use a hand mask to soften your winter skin. The one I'm loving late like is golden handshake by lush. Follow the directions on the packaging and watch the texture of your skin transform.
πŸ’–Next up add some color to your life! I know I'm NY winter is all about dark nails, but we're on a fo-cation remember? Give your nails a bright color like these pretty shimmering shade of blue from Essie.
πŸ’–Now get some rest! What does everyone do on vacation? They relax, so close the blinds or put on an eye mask and get some shut eye even if it's for 15 mins. As long as you wake up naturally I promise you'll feel more energized and ready to take on anything.
πŸ’–Once you wake up lather your dry winter skin with an illuminating lotion. My favorite is the Iuminizing body lotion by Jouer Cosmetics. It will brighten up your skin and give you that sun kissed glow!

Follow these steps to an instant fo-cation. I mean they always say fake it till you make it right? So go on a mini fo-cations once a month or once a week. Make people wonder why you're always wearing that vacation glow!

Tony Moly Product Review


Hey loves, I hope your new year is going well! Mines been good so far, but the stress level has kicked up 10 notches just thinking that I have less then 6months to go before the big day. I can definitely tell my body is reacting to it through my face, so I've been on a skincare kick lately.

I didn't include tony moly products in my favorites because I received them as a gift from my fiancΓ© this past Christmas, he knows me all too well. Since they were new to me I couldn't add them in, but they're quickly becoming one of my beauty favorites. 

I've only played around with the masks from their line so far, but I can really see a difference in my skin. My favorite part is that I can actual feel them working when I have them on. Some sheet masks you put on and you don't feel anything happening. That's not the case with the tony moly masks. You put them on and you feel your whole face tingle. I personally like that because I feel like it's working and actually doing something. 

The first item that I tried was the wine face mask. It's supposed to help with enlarged pores. Now I don't really have big pores, but when I put this mask on it was tingling and I felt like it was working. I left it on for the recommended 20mins and when I took it off I felt like my face looked "cleaner". What I mean by that is it seemed to have minimized the look of the pores around my nose and my overall face looked brighter. I should also note that the mask had a grape smell too it which I didn't mind I thought it was a cute touch. 

Up next was the under eye patches and let me start out with saying that I'm obsessed with under eye patches. I love how they cool your under eye area and give you the appearance of looking more awake. Once I opened up the packet I was immediately excited because they're gel patches. For those of you new to the sheet mask/ skincare world there are two types of masks. First you have the cloth like sheet mask which are good, but my absolute favorite are the gel masks I love how they feel on the skin so silky and luxurious. Okay getting back to the eye patches. I put them on and left them on for the recommended time. Once I took them off, my under eyes felt very hydrated and looked brighter. This was a huge plus for me because I was feeling a bit under the weather when I tried this product out and my skin needed the extra hydration especially with this cold New York weather. 

The last product I tried out from them line was the nose strips. Let's get real we all have have blackheads on our noses who doesn't? I know that I have a few that no matter what I do they will not budge. That's why when I saw his 3 step nose strip mask set I knew I had to give it a go. First off you have to prep your face. I cleansed it usually combo, but stopped there. I didn't add any toner, oil or cream to my face. You apply step one and leave it on for 15-20mins this is just a regular sheet nose mask. I didn't feel my nose start to tingle and it had a pleasant berry smell to it. The next step was my favorite, the nose strip! So you wet your nose similar to the Biore nose strips. You apply it to wet skin and let it sit. Now I haven't used a nose strip in a while, but this strip seemed to be much stickier and had stronger grip. I left it on passed the recommended time because I felt like it wasn't dry enough yet. Once I felt like it was completely dry I ripped it off from the corners and it definitely took it a ton of blackheads on the sides of my nose and a couple in the center, but didn't put a dent in the ones that always bother me. Now after this step my nose felt very raw and dry, so I was happy that theirs was a step 3. I was even more excited that it was a gel nose mask. Once I applied it to my nose I felt instant relief from the dryness. It immediately added moisture back into that area and helped close up the pores that the strip opened up. 

Now while I had a decent experience with this mask it's not something that I would do all the time. When using nose strips your opening up pores on your nose and leaving your skin susceptible to more blackheads. If you have bad blackheads on your nose that will not budge give this a try, but don't overdo it.